Odisha: Good Samaritans reunite kidnapped baby monkey with mother, video winning hearts

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 01, 2024 IST

Puri, May 1: It was a heart-melting moment for the locals of Salabega Lane in Odisha's pilgrim town of Puri on Tuesday afternoon when some Good Samaritans reunited a kidnapped baby monkey with mother.

The monkey’s motherhood melted hearts of thousands of social media users after a video of the animal pleading with locals for rescue of her around two-month-old baby went viral on social media.

Hundreds of netizens came forward for rescue of the baby monkey watching the video clip of her mother pleading with one after one local resident she was familiar with at Medical Square and Salabega Lane in the town.

According to reports, a female monkey was injured coming in contact with live wire at Medical Square last year. Some locals rescued her and facilitated medical treatment. The animal took shelter in the human habitation gradually developing friendship with local residents as a pet. She was named Champi and is very familiar in Medical Square and Salabega Lane. She gave birth a female baby around two months ago, named Chandi.

Two minor boys reached at Medical Square at around 5 pm on Monday when Chandi was having fruit before a medicine store. One of them offered her some food and another one cunningly clutched the baby with his T-shirt and fled the spot.

Champi broke-down in grief of separation with her child after Chandi’s kidnap and did not take food. She cried pleading with the nearby people by holding their legs requesting to bring her child back.

The locals spotted Chandi at Chudanga Sahi under Town Police limits in the city after 20-hour-long frantic search and rescued.

It was an unusual scene at around 2 pm on Tuesday at Salabega Lane when locals reunited Champi with her baby Chandi as many onlookers failed to control their tears.

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