Two MLAs of Odisha assembly disqualified for defection

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 11, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, April 11: Odisha Assembly Speaker disqualifies Two MLAs, who Joined BJP after resigning from BJD ahead of state elections.

Odisha Legislative Assembly's Speaker has disqualified Jayadev MLA Arabinda Dhali and Telkoi MLA Premananda Nayak as per the provisions of paragraph 6(1) of the 10th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. A notification regarding their disqualification was issued by the Assembly yesterday.

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The disqualification of Dhali and Nayak by the Speaker followed a petition filed by MLA Prasanta Kumar Muduli on March 18. The petition was made under Rule 6 of the Members of Odisha Legislative Assembly (Disqualification on Ground of Defection) Rules, 1978, which are framed under paragraph 8 of the 10th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The petition sought the disqualification of the two members on the grounds that they had voluntarily relinquished their primary membership from the BJD, the party through which they were elected to the Assembly.

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On his disqalification, Dhali said that he should have been given an opportunity to present his side before the disqualification.  He noted that the decision appeared one-sided, as he was not given a chance to state his case before the ruling was issued.

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