Lawyer hurls shoe at judge inside courtroom in Madhya Pradesh

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 23, 2024 IST

Bhopal, Jan 23: A lawyer allegedly hurled a shoe targeting the judge inside a courtroom in Madhya Pradesh's Agar district. The judge, however, escaped by bending down in time.

The incident took place at a court in Agar district on Monday when the judge was hearing a case, the police said.

Meanwhile, the two advocates representing the two different parties got involved in a heated argument, which the judge objected to.

The enrage Advocate Nitin Atal who was already engaged in a verbal argument with his opponent, who all of a sudden took out his shoe and threw it towards the judge.

The judge, however, bent down in time to save himself.

The judge later informed the local police about the incident and a case has been registered against Nitin Atal.

"The accused has been booked under Sections 332, 353 , 294 and 504 of the IPC," a police officer said.

The accused layer, however, is yet to get arrested. The police said a search operation has been initiated to nab the accused.

Agar District Collector and SP had reached to court upon knowing the incident.

Nitin Atal, who practises at the Agar and Shajapur district court, had reportedly indulged in fights with lawyers and judges earlier too. Sources aware of the matter told IANS that Nitin, who is connected to politicians, often misbehaved with court employees. (IANS)


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