Odisha: Cong to announce candidates list after Holi festival

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 21, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, March 22: The Odisha Congress plans to announce its candidates’ list after the Holi festival. This list will include the names of candidates for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

The screening committee of the Congress will meet after Holi festival. At this meeting,  the list of candidates will be finalized. Once approved, this list will be sent to the Congress Central Election Committee. Then, CEC will announce the candidate name, said OPCC chief Sarat Pattanayak.

Recently, a sudden meeting was held at the All India Congress Committee (AICC) headquarters in New Delhi. Key leaders from Odisha, including Sarat Pattanayak (Odisha PCC Chief), Ajoy Kumar (Odisha Party Incharge), Christofor Tilak (Co-Incharge), Sahanawaj Chaudhary, Minakhi Natarajan (State Party Election Observer), Harak Singh Rawat, and Pragat Singh, participated in this discussion.

The leaders deliberated on the electoral strategy for Odisha. They explored ways to strengthen the party’s position and enhance its chances of success.

The Congress is planning visits by central leaders, including Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi, to Odisha. These leaders will attend election meetings in four strategic cities within the state.

According to Odisha Party In charge Ajoy Kumar, the Congress sees significant opportunities in Odisha. The party aims to capitalize on the public’s dissatisfaction with the ruling BJD and BJP.

As the election season unfolds, it remains to be seen how each party positions itself and how voters respond to their respective campaigns.

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