Bill Gates shares short video with Nagpur famous Dolly Chaiwala on Instagram

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 29, 2024 IST

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who is currently on a visit to India, shared a short video on his Instagram with Nagpur famous Dolly Chaiwala.

He was amazed to know how innovation can be found at every turn in India, including the preparation of tea. 

In the caption, Gates wrote “India, Home to Incredible Innovators,even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!" Here it can also be heared that Bill gates is saying “One chai Please”. Watch the short video below (Source: Bill Gates Instagram)

Notably, Gates is scheduled to attend many events, and meetings during his visit. 

Earlier yesterday, he visited the Maa Mangala Basti in the Niladri Bihar area of Bhubaneswar and interacted with the people. Later he visited Mission Shakti Bazar and Krushi Bhawan to meet Odisha Cheif Minister Naveen Patnaik. He also visited the Microsoft India development center in Hyderabad.

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