Ashokastami 2024: Holy Marichi Kunda Water auctioned for Rs 24,500

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 16, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Ap 16: On the eve of the Rukuna Ratha Jatra of Lord Lingaraj, a significant ritual unfolded as pitchers containing water from the Holy Marichi Kunda, a revered water tank located within the premises of the Mukteswar temple, were auctioned off to childless couples late last night.

A couple from Jagatsinghpur emerged as the highest bidder, securing the first pitcher of water for Rs 24,500. 

This tradition stems from the belief that the sacred water from Marichi Kunda holds the potential to bless barren women with the gift of conception if consumed and bathed in on the eve of Ashokashtami.

The significance of this ritual is deeply rooted in mythology, as it is believed that Lord Shiva vanquished the demon Maricha at this very location. Marichi, the demon's wife, beseeched the Lord for guidance on how to conceive without her husband's presence. 

Moved by her devotion, Lord Shiva granted her a boon. Upon bathing in the waters of the tank, she was blessed with motherhood. Since then, the tank has been revered as Marichi Kunda.

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