World Blood Donor Day: Celebrating lifesavers

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | June 14, 2024 IST

Bratati Baral 

Every year on June 14th, W0orld Blood Donor Day serves as a global acknowledgment of the individuals who selflessly donate blood to save lives. Created by the World Health Organization (WHO), this observance aims to raise awareness about the importance of safe blood donations and to express gratitude to blood donors worldwide.

On this Blood Donors Day, Prameya English had a conversation with several individuals from the state who exemplify selflessness by regularly donating blood, thus saving countless lives. Beyond their individual contributions, they also organize blood donation camps and actively raise awareness about the importance of donating blood.

Dhirendra Thakur is a real hero for those desperately needing blood, especially the rare types like A-negative, B-negative, O-negative, and AB-negative. He runs a group called Lifeline Charitable Trust with 2500 active members. They help people in tough situations by arranging blood donations. Dhirendra, fondly known as Dhiren Bhai, had quit his corporate job to focus on helping others. He's been doing this for 10 years now.

Every day, Dhirendra gets many calls from people in urgent need of blood. Without hesitation, he contacts his group members to arrange donations. But it's not easy. There's always a high demand for blood, and sometimes even blood banks can't meet it.

Dhirendra's journey began when he donated blood at 18 for a patient who traveled all the way from Rayagada to the Capital Hospital. Seeing the smile on her face made him forget his own pain and brought him immense joy. Since then, donating blood has become his passion, and he's done it more than 25 times.

He encourages his friends and family to donate too, and together they organize blood donation camps regularly to spread awareness. Thankfully, more and more young people are stepping up to donate, which is really encouraging for Dhirendra.

Bhubaneswar based Safak Aftab, who runs a voluntary blood donation group with over 25,000 members, believes that donatng blood isn't just a simple act; it's offering someone else a precious chance at life. Despite being a businessman, he devotes most of his time to coordinating with his group members for blood donation efforts.

There have been numerous instances where urgent blood needs arise at the last minute, and Safak and his team work tirelessly to fulfill them. He himself has donated blood multiple times and actively participates in organizing blood donation camps with his group, directing the donations to Red Cross or Capital Hospital blood banks.

Occasionally, they encounter requests for rare blood types like the Bombay Phenotype, but thankfully, they have members in their group who possess this rarest blood group. Safak urges everyone eligible to donate blood to step forward, emphasizing that many lives are lost each day due to blood shortages.

He expresses gratitude to those donors who selflessly contribute without hesitation, recognizing their invaluable role in saving lives.

Sambit Nanda, a psychiatrist based in Cuttack, serves as a shining example for his community. Known not only for his kindness but also for his readiness to lend a hand to those in need, Sambit exemplifies the spirit of generosity. As a regular blood donor, he goes beyond the ordinary, commemorating special occasions such as his wedding anniversary, his parents' anniversary, and his daughter's birthday by organizing blood donation camps and contributing to the blood bank.

His selfless dedication has not gone unnoticed. Sambit has received numerous accolades from various organizations in recognition of his outstanding contributions to society.

“Donating blood is a profoundly altruistic act that can save lives and make a significant impact on communities. First and foremost, donating blood directly contributes to the well-being of others in need. Every donation has the potential to save multiple lives, whether it's used in emergency situations, surgeries, or to help individuals with chronic conditions such as anemia or cancer. I urge all eligible individuals to consider donating blood and become lifesavers for those in needs”, said Sambit.


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