Watch: Bhubaneswar MP candidate Manmath Routray drives auto-rickshaw, makes sugarcane juice for voters

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 26, 2024 IST

Prasant Kumar Dash

Bhubaneswar, April 26: The candidates going to contest the poll have started intensifying their election campaign to lure common voters towards them. 

Manmath Routray, son of Congress veteran Suresh Routray, is now a frontrunner in adopting attractive ways of poll campaigning. He is contesting as an MP candidate for the Bhubaneswar oonstituency this time on BJD ticket. However, his prime competitor and the incumbent Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi is going to confront  with Manmath more rigorously.Though Manmath comes up from a premiere Congress legacy, his innings in politics is fresh. Apart from it, the IAS turned MP Aparajita is a potential woman leader having an ample experience in Odisha politics. On the other hand, Manmath is a pilot and is less acquainted with most of the area coming under the Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha Constituency as he was almost graduated outside the state and served there as a captain till his maiden candidature as a Parliamentarian.

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In view of giving a check to Aparajita who is reportedly grooming her political empire in the Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha segment in a more organised way, Manmath has adopted some soft tactics to woo the voters of Khordha, Begunia and Bhubaneswar areas. Besides door-to-door campaigns, he is taking to catch people’s eyes through very silly approaches. Somewhere Manmath is found pulling an auto-rickshaw and ferrying needy commuters free of cost, during the scorching heat. Elsewhere he could be seen pounding sugarcane in mill and serving thirsty commuters to beat the heat. Manmath’s non-conventional approaches as an MP candidate to woo the voters towards him, have been the talk of the town.



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