Wall Painting War in Bhubaneswar

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Last Updated Prameya News Bureau - November 15, 2023


Bhubaneswar, Nov 15: The General Election and State Assembly  may be held around April-May, 2024. All most six months away. But the political atmosphere in the state capital has now become very hot.  

Now wherever you look at the streets of Bhubaneswar, you will see the wall painting of conch and lotus symbol in each lane and by-lane. The Conch, the symbol of Biju Janata Dal has been written with various slogans in view of the elections. The party is trying to reach the people with all this message.

 The slogan of  BJD is like this “ GHARE GHARE SANKHA - Conch in every house.' Conch is the sign of development, the sign of progress". 

 On the other hand, you will also see the wall painting of  Local BJP MP Aparajita Sarangi in the nook and corner of the city. "Once again Aparajita" i is the tagline of her slogan written in every lane.  

 Sarangi has decided to fight from the parliamentary constituency once again and started campaigning. Her slogan in Odia is – " AUU THARE  APARAJITA" (Once again Aparajita)

 By the way, the artists are now happy. They have got employment and some money. They are also hopeful of getting more work in the coming days.

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