Security tightened on DU campus ahead of Holi

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 14, 2024 IST

New Delhi, March 14 : Ahead of Holi (March 25), security has been tightened on the Delhi University campus to avoid any untoward incident under the garb of festivities, an official said on Thursday.

Joint control rooms have been set up on the North and South campuses, besides deploying 24x7 police vehicles for surveillance.

“The DU is committed to ensuring the safety and security of everyone on the campus during the festive period,” said a varsity official.

"Therefore, steps have already been initiated for elaborate internal and external security arrangements on the campuses, hostels, and the colleges to counter any possible act of hooliganism or rowdy conduct in the name of Holi, particularly those targeting female students,” the official added.

The official also said that in coordination with the law and order authorities, proctorial board, Dean's office, and security agencies, the university is determined to maintain strict vigil and enforce discipline so that nothing untoward happens under the garb of festivities.

“Strictest possible disciplinary action shall be taken to curb any act of hooliganism during Holi under the provisions of the University Statutes and Ordinances,” said the official.

“Joint control rooms have been set up on the North and South campuses of the University. Mobile patrolling by the security staff and law enforcement officials around the campus will also be ensured,” said a senior police officer. (IANS)


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