Sambalpur politics hots up as Jayanarayan returns to city

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 17, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, March 17:  After a year-long absence, Jayanarayan Mishra, the leader of opposition, has made a triumphant return to Sambalpur. His arrival was marked by a visit to the Sameleswari temple, where he and his family performed the ‘Alati’ ritual. Outside the temple, around hundred supporters joined him, lighting lamps to wish his good health.

On Saturday, Mishra organized a function at the BJP office in Sambalpur, attended by hundreds of his supporters from Sambalpur, Burla, and Hirakuda. However, notable absentee included BJP district president Girish Patel, BJP district women president Arnapurna Barik, and party youth President Aswani Majhi, which created a stir in the party’s political circles.

 Notably, Mishra had undergone treatment outside the city but remained closely connected with party workers through regular telephone communication. Now that he is back, the dynamics of party politics have shifted.

Interestingly, Mishra’s absence created a vacuum, leading to several aspirants vying for the party ticket. Among them was Jayanarayan’s daughter, Subhashree. This internal competition resulted in infighting among the aspirants for the BJP ticket. Meanwhile, the district president, Girish Patel, reportedly ran a parallel organization within the party.

 With Jayanarayan Mishra’s return to his own constituency, the political landscape in Sambalpur is set for an intriguing future. His presence will undoubtedly shape the course of BJP politics in Samablpur.

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