Mahanga politics, fourth faction to play major role

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | December 10, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Dec, 10: Politics in the Mahanga assembly constituency is becoming more and more confusing with the emergence of a fourth of the ruling BJD. This faction may create trouble for sitting MLA Pratap Jena who is embroiled in the double murder case.  

The said fourth faction has now become a stumbling block for the ruling party. The members of this faction are staunch supporters of a former heavyweight leader of the constituency. They are mostly the elected Panchayat representative. 

It has also been speculated that there is an unseen political force behind the emergence of this fourth faction. Although they had played an important role last few elections, they remained confined to their respective Panchayat circles. But with the assembly election on the corner, these leaders have prepared a strategy against the ruling party as a group to assert their position. They are also planning to create a new political platform.

In the past few days, some of these leaders have joined both the Congress and the BJP and targeted the ruling party. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether they are coming together as a group against the ruling party or they will do politics for the respective party in the coming election.

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