Bengal Shocker: Teenage girl sold to brothel twice by mother dies

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 10, 2024 IST

Kolkata, Feb 10: Kolkata Police have launched an investigation into the mysterious death of a teenage girl from the city, who was sold to two different brothels, first in Bihar and then in West Bengal, by her own mother.

The victim, who was admitted to a city hospital in a critical condition, had died on Thursday after which the police launched an investigation into the matter based on the complaints filed by a non-governmental organisation (NGO), whose members had reportedly rescued the victim and got her admitted to the hospital.

The investigating officers were shocked by the sequence of events after they found that the minor victim was sold to two different brothels by her mother.

Police sources said the victim was first sold to a brothel in Bihar's Muzaffarpur by her mother in 2021. On getting the information, the NGO filed a complaint with the Narkeldanga police station in Kolkata, following which the police reached Muzaffarpur and rescued the girl.

At that time, the mother had expressed repentance as her daughter was handed over to her again.

However, later it was found that the repentance was nothing but gimmick as in 2022, the woman again sold her daughter through an agent to Sonagachi, a brothel in North Kolkata which is among the largest red-light areas in Asia.

As per the statements given by the NGO members to the police, this time the girl became the victim of sexual abuse at the brothel, both in the hands of the landlady and the different clients coming there.

As the victim became critically ill, the landlady of the brothel abandoned her and left her in front of her mother's residence.

The NGO members again rescued her from there and got her admitted to the hospital. However, all attempts of the doctors to treat her failed as she died on Thursday. (IANS)


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