Another leopard sighting sparks fresh concerns in Odisha's Nuapada district

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 05, 2023 IST

Nuapada, Nov 5: Moments after the residents of Nuapada district in Odisha heaved a sigh of relief following the capture of a man-eating leopard by the Forest Department staff on Saturday night, reports have emerged of another leopard sighting in the vicinity on Sunday.

According to sources, this "second" leopard was spotted in the vicinity of Kodapali village, situated within the Dharambandha police jurisdiction in Nuapada, during Sunday morning. 

Forest Department officials swiftly responded to the situation after being alerted and assessed the scene, where they identified the pug marks left by the animal. This latest incident has reignited fresh concerns among the local residents in and around Kodopali village within the district.

It's important to note that just the previous night, Forest Department personnel had successfully captured a man-eating leopard in Kodapali. The big cat had been observed near a building in the village, prompting a dedicated five-member Forest Department team to employ a trap and apprehend the animal.

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