TN Assembly Speaker accepts Congress MLA S. Vijayadharani's resignation

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 25, 2024 IST

Chennai, Feb 25 : Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker M. Appavu has announced that resignation of a three time Congress MLA S. Vijayadharani from the party has been accepted.

Speaking to media persons in Tirunelveli on Sunday, the Speaker said Vijayadharani announced through the media that she had joined the BJP .

He said that immediately after this Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) president K. Selvaperunthagai had sent e-mails requesting the Speaker and the Assembly Principal Secretary to disqualify her immediately under the Tenth Schedule of Indian Constitution as she after being elected from Vilavancode assembly seat on a Congress ticket had joined the BJP.

The Speaker said that Vijayadharani had also tendered her resignation online by duly filling up the Form 21 F under Tamil Nadu Assembly Rules.

M. Appavu said, "She had called me over the phone this morning to confirm that she had indeed sent the resignation e-mail to me and informed that she had joined the BJP."

He said that he had communicated her that he would take appropriate decision on her resignation after carefully examining the letter.

The Speaker added that as she had properly submitted her resignation, it has been accepted. ( IANS)


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