Resentment brews up against Patanagarh MLA Saroj Meher

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 02, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, March, 2:  In the Patnagarh assembly constituency of Bolangir district, resentment against incumbent BJD MLA Saroj Meher is brewing up.

 Tribal leaders of Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangh recently organized a press meet at Patnagarh, vehemently opposing Meher and requesting the ruling BJD not to give him party ticket in the upcoming 2024 election. Their allegations stem from Meher’s involvement in corruption and his actions in public life and public works.

Giriraj Bhoi, the joint secretary of the Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangh, demanded that the Patnagarh seat be reserved for Scheduled Tribe candidates. He also called for punishment against Saroj Meher for allegedly harassing a Junior Engineer who belongs to the Scheduled Caste.

 Notably, 34 percent of the total population in the Patnagarh constituency belongs to the Scheduled Tribe, with around 1 lakh people out of 3 lakhs falling into this category. BJD, they argue, should field a candidate from the Scheduled Tribe community.

The tribal leaders further alleged that several murder cases have occurred in the area, yet no culprits have been arrested due to political pressure. Their opposition to incumbent BJD MLA Saroj Meher remains steadfast. 


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