Resentment against Raghuram Machha's entry into Koraput BJP

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 16, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Koraput, Nov, 16: The recent entry of expelled BJD leader Raghuram Machha into BJP caused a lot of resentment and stirred controversy in Koraputa BJP. The party cadres are in no way in a position to accept Raghuram in the party.  The local leaders, the aspirants for the party ticket in the coming election are openly and vehemently opposing Raghuram. 

However, on Tuesday at a local hotel, District BJP arranged a meeting wherein Raghuram Machha and his supporters were welcomed by the party.  The state spokesperson Tejeswar Parida was also present there.

One of the local leaders and state SC cell secretary G. Sanjib Kumar said “After being expelled from the BJD, Raghuram Machha has joined our party. Machha joined the party himself.  If the imported leader like Machha will be given a party ticket in the coming election,  local party cadres will openly oppose him”.  He also added that those who have worked for long in the organization must be given a ticket. Otherwise, the party will suffer.

Raghuram Machha clarified his stands and said “ I have joined BJP to strengthen the party, not for a ticket. Party leaders will decide who will be the candidate.  It is their job.  Whoever will be our candidate in the next election, I will support him wholeheartedly.” 

Another aspirant and state secretary Purnima Naik also said “We are working for the party. Whosoevery the party decides, we will support him or her. We will go by party decision “ 

On November 6, BJD had expelled Raghuaram Machha for anti-party activities.

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