Prameya News7 launches #EtharaWorldcupAmara campaign: Let's bring World Cup home

Last Updated November 06, 2023

In an exciting and heartwarming initiative, Prameya News7 has launched a special digital campaign called #EtharaWorldcupAmara, which loosely translates to "This time World Cup Ours."

This campaign is aimed at fostering unity and support among cricket fans and encouraging them to express their emotions, gratitude, and unwavering support towards Team India in their quest to bring the World Cup home. As cricket enthusiasts, we all share the dream of witnessing our beloved team lift the prestigious trophy, and #EtharaWorldcupAmara provides the perfect platform to do just that.

Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it's a passion that runs deep in the hearts of millions. The cricket World Cup is a momentous event that unites the entire nation in support of Team India. With the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup on the horizon, the excitement is palpable, and Prameya News7's #EtharaWorldcupAmara campaign comes at the perfect time to harness the collective energy and enthusiasm of Indian cricket fans.

The campaign encourages cricket lovers across the country to share their heartfelt messages, songs, chants, photos, and express their emotions for Team India. Prameya News7 is making it incredibly easy for fans to participate. All you need to do is send your audio clips via WhatsApp to the dedicated mobile number 9124203222.

Here's how you can get involved in the #EtharaWorldcupAmara campaign:

Heartfelt Messages: Record a message to convey your support and best wishes to the Indian cricket team. Share your hopes, dreams, and what winning the World Cup means to you.

Singing and Chanting: If you have a favorite cricket chant or a song that gets your spirits soaring, sing it with passion and send it as an audio clip. Your enthusiasm will be a source of motivation for the team.

Photos: Send your best photos showing your love for the game and Team India. Whether it's you wearing your team's jersey, watching matches with friends, or even a memorable moment at a cricket stadium, share it with the world.

Express Your Emotions: The beauty of cricket is that it stirs up a wide range of emotions. Express your excitement, joy, nervousness, and anticipation for the upcoming World Cup. Let Team India know you stand by them through thick and thin.

The #EtharaWorldcupAmara campaign is a wonderful way to channel your passion for cricket into something meaningful. Let's bring the World Cup 2023 home this time by showing our unwavering support for Team India. Join the campaign, share your love for the game, and be a part of the journey to make the World Cup ours!

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