Political turmoil in Daspalla BJD ahead of assembly election

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 13, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Feb 12: There has been political turmoil in the Daspalla assembly segment of Nayagarh district involving the Swaviman Manch, a group aiming to replace the current MLA and BJD district president, Ramesh Chandra Behera. 

 The Swaviman Manch was initially formed to oust Ramesh Chandra Behera from his position as MLA of Daspalla and replace him with a new candidate.

 A few days ago, the Swaviman Manch was split into two factions, indicating internal turmoils within the group.

 Disgruntled BJD leaders, possibly part of one faction of the Swaviman Manch, held a meeting where they resolved to oppose Ramesh Behera in the upcoming elections if he is given a party ticket.

 The dissident party leaders organized a rally and bike procession where they expressed support to another candidate, Ravindra Bhai, and criticized Ramesh Chandra Behera. They even threatened to join the BJP if Behera was given a party ticket again.

 Srihari Nayak, the chief of the Swaviman Manch, was cospcuously absent from the meeting and rally. It seems he may have distanced himself from the group and is now running his organization.

 Srihari Nayak, who initially took tge leadership against Ramesh, has now stepped back, possibly due to the emergence of a new leader within the faction. He's now focussing on his organization and claims to be unaware of the recent developments within the Swaviman Manch.

 The situation reflects the complex dynamics and power struggles in the local level in BJD of Dasapala assembly constituency ahead of the assembly election

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