Odisha: Woman tries to save snakebite patient by sucking venom

Last Updated November 06, 2023

Keonjhar, Nov 6: In a shocking incident, a woman in Hatadihi block of Odisha’s Keonjhar district was hospitalized after she reportedly claimed to be possessed by a goddess and tried to save a female snakebite patient by sucking venom through her wound.

While the snakebite patient eventually succumbed, the woman who tried to extract the venom through her mouth became critical and was hospitalized.

As per reports, one Jhunurani Behera (40) of Jhanjana village within Soso police limits in the district was bit by a venomous snake. However, her family members, instead of taking her to a hospital, sought help from one Minati Dehury of the village who claimed that she was possessed by a goddess and had divine healing powers.

Thereafter, Minati assured Jhunurani’s family of curing her and then started sucking blood from the snakebite wound but nothing happened.

As Jhunurani’s condition kept deteriorating, she was then rushed to Anandpur sub-divisional hospital where she later succumbed.

Meanwhile, Jhunurani’s condition kept deteriorating. Seeing this, her family members rushed her to Anandpur sub-divisional hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.

Eventually, Minati also fell ill and became unconscious and she was also rushed to the hospital. 

Nuapada district in Odisha heaved a sigh of relief following the capture of a man-eating leopard by the Forest Department staff on Saturday night, reports have emerged of another leopard sighting in the vicinity on Sunday.

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