Odisha Government introduces 'Mo Booth App' for voter convenience

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 15, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, May 15: The government of Odisha has unveiled 'Mo Booth App', aiming to streamline the voting process and enhance voter convenience. 


The mobile application, now accessible to voters, offers a range of features designed to facilitate a smoother electoral experience.


One of the primary functionalities of the Mo Booth App is its capability to provide voters with essential information such as the name and location of their designated polling station. Additionally, users can utilize the app to ascertain the current queue status at their respective polling stations, enabling them to plan their visit accordingly.


The initiative was headed by State Chief Electoral Officer Nikunj Dhal, who officially launched the Mo Booth App with an objective of empowering voters with accessible and relevant information. Developed by the Khordha District Administration, the app is slated for implementation across all constituencies within the Khordha district.


Notably, the app offers distinct functionalities tailored to different electoral personnel, including Block Level Officers (BLO) and Sector Officers. BLOs can utilize the app to update real-time queue statistics, ensuring transparency and efficient queue management. 


On the other hand, Sector Officers can input and monitor crucial data such as polling party arrival status, mock poll and actual poll progress, and polling completion status.


Moreover, Sector Officers can promptly address emergent issues by reporting on matters such as law and order concerns, as well as any malfunctions related to Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). This comprehensive reporting system aims to facilitate swift responses to potential challenges encountered during the electoral process.

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