Fake currency notes worth Rs 1.36 Lakh seized, 2 arrested

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 28, 2024 IST

Bolangir, Mar 28: Bolangir police seized counterfeit currency notes of lakhs of rupees in Patnagarh.

Two people, identified as Baruna Panuan from Bhaisa village and Rohit Bastia from Budhabahal village, were arrested in this connection.

According to the sources, the Panuan and Bastia have been engaged in the counterfeit currency trade for a many years. A total of 274 fake currency notes in the denomination of Rs 500, with a collective value of Rs 1,37,000, were seized by the authorities.

Sources said that the suspects attempted to pass off some counterfeit notes to a singer participating in the 'Sankirtana' program in the locality on Wednesday. However, the singer detected the fake currency and alerted the event's organizers.

After receiving the information, local residents alerted the Patnagarh police station. 

On being informed, Bolangir police conducted raids on the suspects' residences, leading to their arrest. Alongside the seizure of counterfeit notes worth Rs 1,37,000, authorities also confiscated a computer, printer, and other equipment used in the counterfeiting process.


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