CM Naveen inaugurates first Odia Language Conference, says ‘language is future’

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 03, 2024 IST

 Bhubaneswar, Feb 3: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday inaugurated the first Odia Language Conference at Janata Maidan here in Bhubaneswar.

 In his inaugural speech, the Chief Minister said, "Language is the pride of the nation and the powerful mantra of unity. Today marks a momentous occasion as the entirety of Odisha unites in celebration of our language. The increased promotion and usage of the Odia language have been ongoing topics of discussion. Understanding the historical roots of our language is crucial in shaping our future”.

 Patnaik also said, “In this conference we will know the history of our language. Looking at the present and paving the way for the future. Expressing happiness that Odisha language has been recognized as a classical language, the Chief Minister said that language is the future. Odia University has been opened for the improvement of Odia language. Many steps have been taken for the propagation of the Odia language”. 

 The event drew participation from numerous writers and literary luminaries hailing from various regions, both nationally and internationally. In addition, prominent linguists of global stature also attended the program.

 The stage saw the presence of Culture Minister Ashwini Patra, distinguished literary figures Sitakant Mahapatra, and Pratibha Ray.

 Sujata Kartikeyan, the Culture Secretary, extended a warm welcome in her opening address.

 Over the course of the three-day conference, there are scheduled 16 sessions, including a dedicated special session on Jagannath consciousness.

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