Will Mohan Majhi government publish OBC survey report?

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | July 06, 2024 IST

Pradeep Kumar Subudhi

Bhubaneswar, July 6:   While the Other Backward Class (OBC) survey report has not been officially released to the public, yet there is optimism that the new BJP government led by Mohan Charan Majhi will make it public soon.

The Odisha State Commission for Backward Classes (OSCBC) had conducted a door-to-door survey between May and July 2023. The survey found that approximately 44% of the state’s population belongs to 208 backward castes. The report, which has been submitted to the state government, sheds light on the social and educational conditions of these communities. 

Though, the report is not yet officially published, yet it revealed non-officially that approximately 44% of the state’s population belongs to 208 backward castes.

Notably, the OBC population constitutes nearly 44% of the total state population, with 53,96,132 OBC families and 1,95,88,671 OBC individuals.

Despite their numerical strength, OBC communities face huge challenges. Only 2.8% of OBC individuals hold government jobs. Their educational representation remains meager.  About 19.3% of OBC families own cultivated land. Social and economic conditions are often precarious.

It reveals that while the OBC population constitutes a significant portion of the state population, their living conditions are often poor, with limited representation in government jobs and education. The report emphasizes the need for social and educational support to uplift these marginalized communities.

Constitutionally, OBC individuals are entitled to a 27% reservation in government jobs and educational institutions (both lower and higher education) based on Mandal Commission recommendations.

However, Odisha currently does not implement this provision due to the 50% cap on reservations.

Given the historical significance of this survey, its findings could play a crucial role in shaping policies and programs to address the challenges faced by the OBC population in Odisha



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