Unit 1 veg mkt to shut down from Oct 20

Last Updated October 17, 2023

Bhubaneswar, Oct 17: The Vegetable Traders Association at Unit 1 daily market, Bhubaneswar have taken the decision to close the daily vegetable market from October 20 again.

The association has called for the closure of the vegetable market over an 11 point charter of demands such as removal of encroachments on the road. Vehicles will stop coming to Aiginia from October 19 and to Unit 1 hat from 20 October. As a result, raw vegetables will not be available in Bhubaneswar and surrounding areas.

The decision has been taken by the Vegetable Traders Association as there are several difficulties for vegetable vehicles to enter the market.

“Usually, vegetable-laden vehicles enter the Unit-1 daily market through the SBI and electric office lanes. However, due to the Durga Puja gate near the SBI lane, it is not possible for the large vehicles to enter the market. Along with that, some illegal shops have been built on the road. Several winter garment shops have also been opened illegally”, said Kabiraj Swain, President of Unit 1 Vegetable Traders Association.

 “Meanwhile, a MCC(Micro Composting Center) has been built on 1.5 acres out of the 10 acres land in Bhagabanpur. Though we had earlier complained to Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC)  in this regard, no action has been taken yet. So we have decided to shut down the daily market (hat) from October 20, ”he added.

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