Two-month prohibition on sea fishing in Paradip

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 15, 2024 IST

Paradip, Ap 15: The Odisha government has implemented a two-month prohibition on coastline fishing to preserve marine fish during their breeding season. 


This ban, enacted under Section 4 of the Odisha Marine Fishing Regulation Act, prohibits mechanized vessels from engaging in fishing activities in the waters along the Odisha coast from April 14 to June 14. Fishermen and trawl operators have been instructed to refrain from embarking on fishing expeditions during this period.


The ban encompasses a zone extending 12 nautical miles off the Odisha coast, except for non-mechanized small boats measuring less than 8.5 meters.


Covering the entire 480-kilometer coastline of Odisha, this 60-day fishing moratorium in Paradip aims to prevent disruptions caused by trawlers during the breeding season. 


This annual fishing ban is implemented with the broader welfare of communities dependent on fishing in mind. 


While acknowledging the immediate drawbacks for fishermen and related stakeholders, officials emphasize the long-term benefits, anticipating increased yields. Despite the short-term sacrifices, the ban is seen as a strategy for securing sustainable fishing practices.


The prohibition will save those engaged in fishing and related activities. This year, sea fishing has been significantly disrupted due to frequent low-pressure systems and resulting cyclonic weather conditions, leading fishermen and crews to suspend operations for safety reasons.

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