Tussle in Pradhani family for Nabarangpur seat.

Last Updated November 14, 2023

Bhubaneswar, Nov 14: As the Assembly election approaches, the aspirants are beating the ground and ready to fight. In Nabarangapur some unusual politics has come up. This time, Uncle Nephew may come down for a fight. They are Nabarangpur BJD MLA Sadasiva Pradhani and his nephew Dilip Pradhani. Both are descendants of the late Khagapati Pradhani, nine-times MP of Nabarangpur. MLA Sadasiva is Khagapati's younger brother's son whereas Dilip is the grandson of Khagapati. Both of them are keen to contest the coming election from this reserved seat.

Dilip Pradhani is active in Congress politics. He is also head of the District Congress tribal cell. In the last Panchayat election, Dilip had won the election as a samitee member of  Tentilikhunti block, But his uncle, the MLA Sadasiva did not show interest in him. From that day, political feud has started between them. 

 Dilip Pradhani said “ I am hopeful of getting a ticket this time. My team is ready to fight." On the other hand, Sadashiv said that only time will tell.

 On the other hand, it is being said that BJD may play the women's card here. So MLA Sadasiva’s wife Kaushalya has started going around the locality and mobilizing the voters. Manjula Majhi, the BJD Women's District President is also a strong contender in this race. 

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