Over 50 devotees injured in firecracker mishap during 'Chapa Khela' in Narendra Pond

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 30, 2024 IST

Puri, May 30: More than 50 devotees sustained burn injuries in a tragic incident during the 'Chapa Khela' of the Trinity at Narendra Pond as part of the Chandan Yatra festivities on Wednesday. Of them, more than 30 are in critical condition.
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Sources said, the incident occurred during the cracker bursting ritual on the Devi ghat side of the pond. As devotees gathered to witness the water sports in the holy pond, sparks from the exploding crackers accidentally fell on them, causing injuries. 
All the injured individuals were promptly admitted to the district headquarters hospital for medical attention. However, the condition of some of the victims remains critical.

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Initially, patients were attended to in the outdoor department before being transferred to the surgery ward. However, it has been reported that the hospital lacks a dedicated burn unit, posing a challenge for the treatment of burn injuries.

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