Odisha State Bar Council urges Govt to set up ‘Advocate Akademi’

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 21, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Feb 21: The Odisha State Bar Council Chairman Sitanshu Mohan Dwivedy convened a General Body Meeting on February 18, 2024, in Cuttack, where several significant decisions were made regarding the welfare and security of advocates in the state. 

The council unanimously decided to establish an Advocate Akademi under its jurisdiction. 

According to the resolutions laid down here, the proposal for establishment of the Advocate Akademi  will be submitted to the state government for approval. Infrastructural requirements, including land and financial assistance for construction of the Akademi, will also be presented before the state government.

The meeting resolved to propose health insurance for every advocate in the state. The health insurance scheme will be named “Madhubabu Health Insurance.”

In order to ensure safety and security of the Counsels , the council will lay a  proposal before the state government to enact a special Act similar to those implemented  in other states. 

Council members Dinesh Chandra Ray and Akshay Kumar Pati raised these proposals to the General Body.  They also suggested to discontinue the Advocate Welfare Corpus Fund and ceasing the  election expenditure provided to Bar Associations.

The meeting unanimously decided to discontinue the issuance of the ₹100 stamp by the Advocate Welfare Corpus Fund. Additionally, all Bar Associations were urged to halt election-related expenses immediately.

Sitanshu Mohan Dwivedy, the Chairman of the Odisha State Bar Council, expressed gratitude to all council members for their valuable proposals and appealed to all members to collaborate for the welfare of advocates in the state.

These decisions have been positively received by the legal fraternity and legal luminaries across the state.

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