Odisha CM Mohan Majhi starts work at Lok Seva Bhawan

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | July 04, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, July 4: Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi today started the work at Lok Seva Bhawan in Bhubaneswar.

It is worth noting that CM Majhi had been working from a temporary office at the State Guest House while renovation work was going on in the Chief Minister’s office on the third floor of Lok Seva Bhawan.

On this occasion, Deputy Chief Ministers Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo and Pravati Parida, along with members of the cabinet, were present. Odisha Chief Secretary Manoj Ahuja, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Nikunja Bihari Dhal, and other officials from the Chief Minister's office were also in attendance and greeted Majhi.

Speaking to the media, CM Majhi stated that he has mandated all documents be presented to him in Odia. He emphasized that priority will be given to the geographical and cultural progress of Odisha, as well as the establishment, growth, preservation, and promotion of 'Odia Asmita.'

Key points from his statement included plans to reorganize and enhance the efficiency of three academies: literature, music and drama, and Lalit Kala Akademi. Additionally, the Odissi Research Center will be made operational.

Qualitative research on ‘Odia Asmita’ will be promoted, along with efforts to increase reading habits among the people of Odisha and to make the library movement widespread and systematic. A translation academy will be established to propagate the Oriya language and literature. Arrangements will be made for the use of modern, simple, and accessible technology in the field of language, said Majhi. 

An Odia Asmita Bhawan will also be set up, a Language Commission will be established, and government work will be conducted in the Odia language. The 'Odisha Official Language Act' will be amended if necessary to broaden the use of the Odia language at the government level. The Odia Bhasa Pratisthana will be reorganized. The art and culture of each district will be promoted through the construction of integrated cultural buildings in every district. Consideration will be given to the recruitment of Odia teachers at the high school level, he added.

The construction work of the Paika Academy and monument at Barunei will be expedited. The government is committed to prioritizing the development of various heritage sites across the state. All efforts will be undertaken with the cooperation and consultation of the public, said CM Majhi calling for people's suggestions on what else needs to be done in the field of 'Odia Asmita'. 

Additionally, arrangements will be made for the application of appropriate scientific techniques to facilitate the widespread use of the Odia language at both public and private levels, he added.

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