Major parties searching for candidates in Talasara assembly seat of Sundargarh

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 11, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Feb, 11: As the election is fast approaching, the political scenario is now heating up in the Talasara assembly constituency of tribal-dominated Sundargarh district. 

In the Talasara assembly constituency, three major parties - BJD, BJP, and Congress - are looking for the winnable candidates. 

Former hockey star Prabhodha Tirkey, who recently joined the Congress party after leaving his government job, is the front-runner for the party ticket.

Another potential candidate is former MLA Ranjit Bhataria, who has also recently joined Congress. Similarly, Amita Biswal, the daughter of former Chief Minister Hemanand Biswal is also in the race for Congress ticket. 

BJP leader Surendra Bhataria, who previously attempted to secure a ticket in 2019, has returned to the BJP and may be fielded as the party's candidate. Incumbent BJP MLA Bhabani Sankar Bhoi is also in the race to get a party ticket.

 The ruling BJD is taking a cautious and strategic approach in the constituency, having failed to secure victory in the past two elections. There are several prospective candidates including former MLA Prafulla Majhi, Amiya Pradhan, and Binay Tapno.

 Dr. Prafulla Majhi, a three-time Congress MLA, who joined BJD before the 2019 elections wasn't given a party ticket.

Amiya Pradhan, the son of former Minister Gangdhar Pradhan, is another strong contender for the BJD ticket.

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