Keonjhar politics: Champua BJD MLA Minaskhi’s silence raises eyebrows

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 04, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, MAY 4:  The political landscape in Keonjhar district during this simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections has indeed been eventful.  It has taken a lot of twist and turn in the ensuing election. 

In the 2019, the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) had secured the Keonjhar Lok Sabha seat and five assembly seat.

The BJD, which has traditionally held a strong position in Keonjhar, is now facing internal challenges.

This time, BJD has dropped sitting MP Chandrani Murmu and three sitting MLAs (Bhagirathi Sethi, Premananda Nayak, and Minaskhi Mahant) 

Bhagirathi Sethi and Premananda Nayak have already resigned from the BJD, while Minaskhi Mahant remains in the party but is distancing herself from election activities.

Minaskhi's behavior has raised eyebrows. Despite being in the party, she is not actively participating in election-related activities.

Her mentor, Sanatan Mahakuda, has been given the opportunity to contest from the Champua assembly seat in her place.

However, Minaskhi’s lack of cooperation remains a concern for the party.

Chandrani Murmu, the sitting MP of Keonjhar, was also denied a party ticket this time.

But she has been actively involved in political activities, including nominations and election campaigns within the parliamentary constituency.

Recently, Sanatan Mahakuda filed his nomination as the BJD candidate from the Champua assembly segment.

Interestingly, Chandrani Murmu was present during his nomination, but Minaskhi Mahant, the sitting BJD MLA, did not attend.

This situation has caused speculation and uncertainty about Minaskhi Mahant’s role in the party.

Keonjhar district’s political dynamics are undergoing significant changes, with BJD facing both internal challenges and external competition. The actions and decisions of individual candidates will play a crucial role in determining the election outcome.

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