Jayaram Pangi's strategic roles ignite buzz within Congress ranks

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 11, 2024 IST

 Bhubaneswar, Jan 11: Recently, Jayaram Pangi, a former minister and tribal leader from the Koraput district, made headlines by joining the Congress party, where he has quickly gained significance. Despite his relative unfamiliarity with party workers and leaders, the central leadership has expressed confidence in him, assigning him important roles.

Pangi has been entrusted with the crucial position of coordinator for the Berhampur Lok Sabha seat in the upcoming general elections. Additionally, he has been appointed as the working president of the state tribal Congress, a notable responsibility considering the presence of several senior leaders within the party. This decision has sparked discussions and raised eyebrows within party circles.

Having transitioned from the BJD, BJP, and BRS to Congress, Pangi's political move has been closely observed. Speculations within the party suggest that he might contest either as an MP or MLA in the upcoming elections. Pangi, however, has publicly stated his intention to run as an MLA candidate from the Pattangi Constituency, while also expressing interest in the Lakshmipur and Kotpad seats due to the stronger Congress organization in these constituencies.

In the midst of these developments, there are discussions about another influential tribal leader from the Koraput district, the Gamang family, considering a shift to the Congress party. This potential addition to the party's ranks could create political ripples in the district, with observers believing that the party is strategically leveraging the inclusion of patriarchal leaders to play the tribal card.

Jeypore Congress MLA Tara Prasad Bahinipti has addressed concerns within the party, asserting that there is no dissatisfaction regarding the responsibilities assigned to Pangi. Bahinipti emphasizes Pangi's wealth of experience and political expertise, considering him a valuable asset to the party. As political dynamics in the Koraput district continue to evolve, the inclusion of prominent leaders like Pangi and the potential addition of the Gamang family signal an interesting phase for the Congress party in the region.


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