India a role model for world in human rights: Vice President Dhankhar

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | December 10, 2023 IST

New Delhi, Dec 10 (IANS) Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Sunday highlighted the affirmative changes taking place in the country and asserted that India is a "role model" for the world in human rights.

The Vice President made the remarks while delivering the keynote address at the Human Rights Day celebrations at Bharat Mandapam here.

"No part of the globe is so blossoming, prospering with human rights as our country is doing," he said.

The Vice-President underlined that "our 'Amrit-Kaal' has become our 'Gaurav-Kaal' primarily due to the blossoming of human rights and values”.

He further said that India's civilizational ethos and constitutional commitment reflect "our deep dedication to respecting, safeguarding, and nurturing human rights which is in our DNA".

"The country serves as an example to the world in nurturing, promoting, and flourishing human rights," Vice President Dhankar added.

Calling that nurturing of human rights as a 'cornerstone to democracy', he said that “equality before law is an inalienable facet of promoting human rights”.

He also appreciated the convergence of all the three organs of the State -- the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary -- for the fostering of human rights as the "respect for human rights is embedded in our civilizational ethos and Constitution".

Vice President Dhankhar emphasized that the government's affirmative implementation of inclusive policies has liberated millions from poverty's grasp. "This achievement has paved the way for a future enriched with economic opportunities, access to quality healthcare, and a sound education - the very pillars upon which a robust human rights edifice rests."

In his address, the Vice President cautioned that "greatest danger to human rights emanates from corruption"; underscoring "corruption and human rights cannot coexist". He expressed satisfaction that "this bane of corruption in India for long is now contained".

"There is now in place a governance mechanism that provides no room for nepotism, favouritism and promotion. Corruption has been neutralised in power corridors," the Vice President said.

He expressed concern over "pernicious narratives and external calibrations by individuals gauging India's progress from air-conditioned and closed chambers, detached from the index of hope, optimism, and confidence fostered by government policies".

Recognising the appointment of a tribal woman as the President of the country as a "testament" to human rights, Dhankhar concluded by emphasizing that human rights are a collective endeavour, akin to a 'yajna', and it's the shared responsibility of all to contribute, as it concerns every individual.


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