Far away from madding crowd, into the grandeur of a spot, Tampara Lake

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | June 08, 2024 IST

By D N Singh

 Passing through the rigours of a blistering heat and cacophony of electioneering one deserves a respite in a tranquil environment where one can breathe peace. 

So we headed towards Ganjam's Tampara Lake. 

As one enters it's expanse the world transforms into a hive where bliss prevail. 

The largest lake in the state of Odisha is called Tampara Lake, and it is situated in the Ganjam district.

 Tampara Lake is attractive and draws many visitors for weekend getaways, picnics, and boating.

Why doesn’t it get the required focus is worrying in fact. It has all that a picture post card beauty can offer. 

Tampara Lake,close to Chatrapur in Ganjam district offers many options including jet skis, paddle boats, and speedboats. Many people enjoy spending time here since it is great for boating and water activities.

The lake also houses huge and a sparkling park where visitors take the walks early morning and while doing so in the evening one can feel the ethereal moments when the sun starts dipping in the horizon.

The morning breeze keeps caressing every bit in ones body and mind.

The view is endless as one looks ahead it is a collage of an exclusive package of a nature that is felt more than can be described. 

On top of all that for the visitors Tampara offers exclusivity in staying. Which had suffered terrible damage in 1999 super cyclone has been given a face-lift with design and architecture.  

Lovely plantations and matching scenic surroundings may be seen all around.

Still much is left to be developed.We cannot overlook the luxurious resort where hospitality kisses the lake’s bay.

We noticed a spacious banquet hall for holding conferences, business gatherings, weddings, thread ceremonies, birthday parties and many events.      

And there we are; the roof-top restaurant offers a wonderful dining experience with delectable food and a stunning view of Tampara Lake below over the vast expanse.

 Clean, well-kept rooms are what characterize luxury and services to make the visitor have a special time 

Rooms with views

   It offers the spectacle of the views of the lake and other enthralling elements that could be seen from within the windows even.

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