Bobby asserts to contest Lok Sabha election from Sambalpur

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 13, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Jan 13:  A heavyweight fight is anticipated in the Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency in the forthcoming election.  The ruling BJD heavyweight Pranab Prakash Das, popularly known as Bobby, has asserted to fight from the Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency in the upcoming election. 

 Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is likely to contest from Sambalpur Parliamentary election in 2024. Bobby has also expressed his desire to contest from this seat. 

 While interacting with a media persons at Sambalpur on Friday,  the ruling BJD heavy weight leader said “ I will  contest wherever the party wants me to fight. I have an old relationship with Sambalpur. So there is no hesitation in fighting from here. "

"If the Chief Minister gives me this opportunity, I will surely contest from the Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat, "he said. 

 Pranab Prakash added that his father Ashok Das used to say that Sambalpur was my home. Even so, he could speak the Sambalpuri language. 

 On the other hand, BJP is preparing ground for Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan who may contest from either Dhenkanal or Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency. 

 Pradhan, who became a Union Minister in 2014, hails fromTalcher town in Angul district and had expressed his desire to contest the elections from Odisha. However, he has not specified whether he wants to contest the Assembly polls or the Lok Sabha elections.


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