Who will take over late Surya Narayan Patra's place Digapahandi this time ?

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | March 23, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, March 23: The Digapahandi assembly seat in Ganjam district has been a battleground for political contenders. It is now discussed : Who will take over late Surya Narayan Patra's place in Digapahandi this time ? 

Since inception of this constituency, BJD leader  Surya Narayan Patra had been elected since 2009.

 Following the demise of incumbent BJD MLA and former Speaker Surya Narayan Patra in September 2023, his son Biplab Patra has taken the reins of the BJD party affairs in Digapahandi assembly segment. Biplab faces the challenge of maintaining the party’s stronghold in this constituency. Initially he faced challenges from Bipin Pradhan, Ex- BJD chairman of Digapahandi. 

Recently, Bipin Pradhan  has been expelled from the BJD due to anti-party activities. He has now joined the Bharatiya Janata Dal (BJP) and is likely to contest as the BJP nominee in the upcoming election. However, Bipin also grapples with internal challenges within his new party.

The grand old party Congress, which has been relatively dormant in recent years, aims to capitalize on the situation. Holding the local NAC chairman post, the Congress party is making efforts to garner support from the people in the ensuing election.

As the election date approaches, the battle for the Digapahandi assembly seat intensifies, with each contender vying for victory in this crucial constituency

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