Turncoat trend: The political landscape of Odisha's parliamentary elections

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 12, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, April 12: In the swirling whirlpool of Odisha's political landscape, turncoats are finding a comfortable home. Lekhasri Samantsinghar's recent leap from the BJP to the BJD adds another layer to this intriguing saga. With the joining in the BJD ranks, she becomes the latest entrant in a list of political defectors vying for parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections.

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 Lekhasri's move marks a significant milestone as she becomes the eighth turncoat to secure a spot on the BJD's list of 21 MP candidates. Her nomination not only underscores the fluidity of allegiances in Odisha's political sphere but also highlights the BJD's commitment to gender representation by fulfilling its pledge to field 33% women candidates, a promise initiated back in 2019 elections.

The initial list of MP candidates unveiled on March 27 set the tone, featuring three notable defectors from the Congress alongside the ousting of two sitting MPs, symbolizing a seismic shift within the party. Among these defections, Pradeep Majhi, Anshuman Mohanty, and Manmath Routray made headlines as they seamlessly transitioned into the BJD fold, swiftly earning nominations for parliamentary seats.

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The subsequent release of candidate lists further underscored the prevalence of turncoat politics, with prominent figures like Bhrugu Baxipatra and Parineeta Mishra securing BJD tickets shortly after abandoning their former party affiliations. The Berhampur constituency emerged as a battleground of turncoats, with defections and expulsions shaping the electoral narrative.

Surendra Singh Bhoi's journey from Congress stalwart to BJD candidate encapsulates the fluidity of Odisha's political dynamics, as seasoned politicians navigate shifting allegiances in pursuit of electoral success. Similarly, Dhanurjay Siddu's transition from Congress MLA to BJD nominee reflects the allure of the ruling party's stronghold in Keonjhar.

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Amidst this whirlwind of defections and realignments, Lekhasri's nomination from Balasore stands out as a testament to the evolving landscape of Odisha's parliamentary elections. Her candidacy pits her against formidable opponents, including former Union Minister Pratap Sarangi, setting the stage for a riveting electoral showdown in the constituency.

In the coming days, the state will witness more turncoats getting tickets as three major political parties BJP, BJD and Congress are yet to declare candidates for several assembly seats. 

While the BJP has already declared candidates for 21 Lok Sabha and 112 assembly seats, the BJD has announced candidates for all Lok Sabha seats and 117 assembly seatsOdisha has 147 assembly seats.

On the other hand, the Congress has named candidates for eight Lok Sabha and 49 assembly seats.   

As the electoral drama unfolds, the people of Odisha are poised to witness a spectacle of political intrigue and maneuvering, where alliances are forged and broken with startling alacrity. The prevalence of turncoat politics underscores the fluidity of power dynamics, where loyalty is often overshadowed by the pursuit of personal and political gain.

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