Triangular fight expected in Chandabali assembly seat this time

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 27, 2024 IST

Bubaneswar, Feb 27: With the upcoming election looming closer, the political landscape in the Chandabali assembly segment of Bhadrak district is experiencing notable shifts. A triangular contest is expected to unfold as the election approaches.

A recent induction program held in Dhamra saw a significant turnout, with 600 families from the area joining the party. The presence of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President Sarat Pattanayak at the event underscored confidence in the Congress's prospects in securing victory in the Chandabali seat.

However, discussions within political circles hint that this merger might play into the hands of the ruling BJD.

In the 2019 election, the Congress clinched the third position in the Chandbali constituency. Byomkesh Ray of the BJD emerged victorious with 77,313 votes, followed by the BJP's Manmohan Samal with 69,233 votes, and the Congress candidate Digambar Das with 30,146 votes. Notably, during the last election, a faction within the Congress party covertly supported the BJP, while a segment of BJD members openly backed the BJP candidate.

Present political dynamics suggest a shift in voter alignment, with new voters inclining towards the BJP while Congress support seems to be waning. Simultaneously, the BJD is strengthening its position.

Interestingly, key figures from BJD groups that previously supported the BJP have now pledged their allegiance to the BJD camp. Moreover, during the 2023 Panchayat election, over 500 BJP supporters from Gobindpur and Barsar panchayats switched sides to join the BJD. Surprisingly, the BJP has yet to organize any induction program in Chandabali.

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