Traders will not buy wheat at a higher price from millers!

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 19, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, NOV, 19:  Millers have to supply flour, semolina, and flour at relatively low prices. Otherwise, the State traders will not buy such products from millers. The State Traders' Association decided not to buy wheat from the millers on Saturday. 

On this issue, a meeting was held between millers and the State Traders' Association. After a long discussion, both sides have reached a conclusion.

Now wheat products are skyrocketing. Food Corporation of India(FCI) supplies 10,500 tons of wheat every week to the state. Every miller is getting 200 tons of wheat per week. However, millers are not under control even if they get such a huge amount of wheat. Wheat has crossed 40 rupees per kilo in the market. 

Sudhakar Panda, General Secretary of the State Traders Association said, if the millers do not supply the flour at a low price, then the traders will not buy it. 

Now wheat is being supplied to millers at Rs 21.50 per kg, the processing costs are up to Rs 27.50. Including other expenses, the retail price should be Rs. 30 and after packaging the maximum price is Rs. 35. But due to dishonest millers, the price is getting high.  

 One official said arrangements have been made to supply 42 thousand tonnes of wheat to Odisha every month. Arrangements have been made to supply 1.20 metric tons of wheat in 21 auctions within last month. Action has been taken against 3 millers involved in dishonest business.

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