Suspected diarrhoea outbreak grips Puri, two die

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 27, 2024 IST

Puri, April 27: Panic gripped Barahi Lane in Odisha's Puri following a suspected outbreak of diarrhoea , resulting in the deaths of two individuals and numerous others falling ill after reportedly consuming contaminated water.

The deceased have been identified as Damodara Panda of Barahi Lane and another woman from Purnabashi Mutt.

Local reports indicate that over thirty individuals have been affected, with some hospitalized. Cases of diarrhoea  have also been reported from areas such as Bali Sahi, Red Cross Road, and others in Puri.

Locals allege that the situation arose due to a damaged underground water pipeline, leading to the contamination of the drinking water supply in the area.

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