Ram Navami: Surya Avishek of Ram Lalla at Ram Temple in Ayodhya today

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 17, 2024 IST

Ayodhya, Ap 17: The newly built Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, is adorned for the upcoming Ram Navami celebrations, marking the auspicious occasion of Ram Lalla's birth on the ninth day of the Chaitra month. 

This year's festivities hold special significance with the inclusion of the 'Surya Abhishek' ceremony, where the sun's rays will grace the deity's idol at noon.  As the first major religious event since Ram Lalla's consecration in January, elaborate arrangements have been made, including prolonged temple hours and ceremonial offerings. 

Notably, the temple management has urged visitors to plan their visits after April 19 and has introduced measures to ensure a smooth darshan experience for all devotees. 

The highlight of the celebrations will be the 'Surya Tilak' ceremony, made possible by an intricate optomechanical system developed by scientists, symbolizing the eternal significance of Lord Ram's presence in Ayodhya.


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