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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | May 27, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, May 27: In the recently concluded elections, Bhubaneswar parliamentary constituency broked its previous voting trend by posting an impressive 64.49% voter turnout.

This significant increase in participation can be attributed to several factors, including fair weather, extensive awareness drives, and excitement among first-time voters.

Bhubaneswar-Central Assembly constituency recorded a 51.28% voter turnout, marking an 8.30% growth compared to the 43.25% turnout in 2019.

Bhubaneswar-North saw a 53.93% turnout, representing an 8.59% rise from the 45.39% recorded in 2019.

Ekamra-Bhubaneswar polled 56.42% votes, registering an 8.78% growth over the 47.64% turnout in 2019.

Other segments, including Jayadev, Begunia, Khurda, and Jatni, also contributed to the overall increase in voter participation.

In the 2019 general elections, the constituency witnessed a 59.60% turnout, while in 2014, it recorded 58.38%.

The Election Commission of India implemented various measures to raise awareness among voters, especially in the three Assembly segments of the state capital.

The ‘Mo Booth’ app played a crucial role by helping voters find their polling stations and providing real-time information on queue lengths.

Adequate security arrangements were put in place to ensure free, fair, and impartial voting in Bhubaneswar constituency.

Critical polling stations were identified, and security protocols were followed.

BJD leader V K Pandian attributed the increased voter turnout to the party’s development agenda for the middle class and youth, which was outlined in their manifesto.

Overall, this surge in voter participation reflects the city’s commitment to democratic processes and civic engagement. The polling percentage may improve further once postal ballots are included in the count

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