Odisha BJP to hold women convention in Capital soon

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 16, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Jan 16: Since the elections are drawing closer, the State BJP has planned to hold a huge women’s rally and convention in the capital city soon. The party is preparing the groundwork for this mega event.

 Though the State party president, Manmohan Samal, has not divulged the planning of the women's convention, he has given hints about it.

Samal said that the purpose of this gathering is to make women aware of the benefits of various schemes of the Central Government. BJP has set its eyes on the women's vote bank of BJD. Through Mission Shakti Yojana, BJD has created a formidable vote Bank for the party. BJD is firmly convinced that women's votes will not change. The BJP's top leadership has already realized this

BJP has devised a strategy to counter BJD in this field. The strategy is to break the women's vote bank of BJD, he said. 

To turn the women voters away from BJD, BJP will raise the anti-women issues against the state government. BJP will try to present the Modi government as the savior of women. At the convention, the party will give this message. However, the BJP has not given any information about when and where the women's rally will be held.


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