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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 17, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, April 17:  The political landscape in Badachana assembly constituency of Jajpur district is indeed intriguing. Rajnarayan Mohapatra, son of veteran Congress leader and former Minister Sitakant Mohapatra, is making waves by entering the political arena. 

Rajnarayan Mohapatra, a former pilot with a private airline, has decided to contest election from Badachana assembly constituency

Rajnarayan’s decision to enter politics came after the Congress denied him a ticket to contest from his father’s constituency.

Rajnarayan has garnered support both from disgruntled BJD and BJP leaders in the assembly segment.

His recent massive rally showcased his political prowess and influence in the constituency.

If Rajnarayan is inducted into the BJD, it would strengthen the party’s position in the upcoming election, feel the party leaders.

Conversely, if the BJD changes its candidate and gives the ticket to Rajnarayan, he would have a comfortable chance of winning.

In the 2022 Panchayat election, the BJD had secured 55 percent of the votes, while the BJP received 33 percent.

Surprisingly, under the leadership of Rajnarayan, the Congress managed to secure only 11 percent of the votes.

It remains to be seen how this political twist unfolds in the upcoming election. The battle for Badachana promises to be closely contested, with Rajnarayan Mohapatra at the center of attention.


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