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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | February 12, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Feb 12: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) has introduced a novel selection procedure for candidates aspiring for Lok Sabha and Assembly tickets. The criteria set by the party, as outlined in the Pragaman APP, are aimed at ensuring a certain level of digital presence and organizational capability among the aspirants.

It is now compulsory for an aspirant to have a Facebook page and an account on X (previously Twitter). The applicants must have a WhatsApp group of every block in the constituency having five hundred members. That group must be created by the applicant himself encompassing assembly name and assembly number. 

Apart from this, the applicant has to set up a war room in the constituency. He has to appoint an in-charge in the constituency.

Aspirants are required to put up a minimum of 10 billboards (hoardings) in their constituency to enhance their visibility.

.Besides this, the applicant will have to assign two booth-level assistants and one polling agent per booth in at least 100 booths of the constituency

Upon completing these criteria, aspirants must submit a list with their names, phone numbers, booth numbers, and voter IDs through the Pragaman App by February 17. The applications will be reviewed from February 18.

Addressing the media on Sunday at Congress Bhawan here, OPCC president Sarat Pattanayak said the introduction of Pragaman for candidate selection has been a huge success.

Pattanayak said more than 3,300 aspirants have applied online for  Congress tickets for Lok Sabha and Assembly seat which is more than 5 times of 2019. Around 2500 aspirants have applied for assembly tickets and there are also 670 aspirants for Lok Sabha ticket.  

For the first time, AICC has launched a website ( Pragaman. in) on February 4, seeking online applications for ticket aspirants in Odisha to be filed  from February 7 to 11.

The party said the system is aimed at maintaining transparency in the distribution of tickets in Odisha.



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