CM Naveen launches 'Ama Odisha Naveen Odisha' programme

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | October 10, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Oct 10: With an aim to strengthen the infrastructure in the rural areas, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday launched the 'Ama Odisha Naveen Odisha' programme.

On the first day, Patnaik launched the scheme in Keonjhar and Bhadrak districts via video conferencing.

A total of Rs 3,397 crore will be spent across the state under the programme in which 6,794 panchayats will be benefitted. A total of 90,723 projects will be implemented across the state. The program will focus on each panchayat and village. Each village will get Rs 10 lakh and each panchayat will get Rs 50 lakh, said a release from the CMO.

In this programme, the culture of Odisha including Jagannath culture will be preserved and digital infrastructure will be developed in each village. 

Speaking on the occasion, Patnaik said that Odisha is the land of Jagannath. Love, peace, harmony, equality and service are the messages of Jagannath culture. Irrespective of caste, religion, community, it has made everyone its own. 

‘Ama Odisha Naveen Odisha’ programme will preserve Jagannath culture in every village. Every place of worship and heritage site will be preserved. The preservation and protection of these cultural and heritage sites are essential for our future generations, he said.

Patnaik further added that internet connection, science park, skill development centre, and banking facilities will be made available in the villages. 

The primary schools of the village will also be included in this programme. It will bring immense opportunities to our youth, women, farmers and students and will further enhance the identity of Odisha as a modern, strong, progressive and culturally conscious state, he added. 

Under the programme, a total of Rs 148.5 crores has been sanctioned for 3,568 projects in 297gram panchayats in Keonjhar district. Similarly, Rs 109 crore has been sanctioned for 3,337 projects in 218 gram panchayats in Bhadrak district.

5T Secretary V.K. Pandian coordinated the event. 

Participating in the discussion, Pandian said that the Chief Minister is always quick to solve the problems of the local area. He has given strict orders to work for the development of every village in Odisha. 

Chief Minister has sanctioned funds for ‘Ama Odisha, Naveen Odisha’ programme considering the proposed projects and needs of the people. He advised everyone to utilise it properly and on time.

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