Biramarajpur politics: Jagdala or new face from BJP?

Last Updated November 18, 2023

Bhubaneswar, Nov, 18: With barely a few months left to the assembly election in the state, the aspirants have started lobbying to get party tickets in different political parties. In Birmaharajpur constituency of Subarnapur district, the BJP leaders have started showing up their strengths to get the attention of the party leadership.

It is not clear who will get the ticket from BJP in the upcoming election in the Birmaharajpur constituency. This constituency has been under the control of BJD since the day of its formation as a reserved seat in 2009.  Padmanabha Behera from Phulbani has been winning continuously from this seat since 2009. Behera has been elected consecutively three times. This time, the BJP is trying hard to show its supremacy in the BJD stronghold.  

The BJP is hopeful to give a tough fight to the ruling BJD. Last time in the 2019 election, BJP fielded Raghunath Jagadal, who secured 52145 votes whereas the winning BJD nominee Pamanabh Behera secured 65,202 votes. On the other hand, Congress candidate Binod Patra had to settle for 40,735 votes. 

 This time, BJP leader Raghunath Jagadal has been visiting from village to village in Birmaharajpur and participating in public affairs seriously with the hope of a ticket from BJP. Former district chairman Anand Barik, who was the party's candidate in 2014, is also in the BJP ticket race. In the 2019 election, the disgruntled leader Anand Barik fought as an independent candidate. He also went around localities and mobilized the workers. 

Raghunath from Birmaharajpur block, Balaram Suna from Ulunda block, Ashraya Mahananda, and Anand Barik from Sonpur are also in the race to get BJP ticket.

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