Ahead of ‘Pran Pratishtha’, variety of gifts pour in for Lord Ram

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 17, 2024 IST

Ayodhya (UP), Jan 17: As the wave of devotion climbs up to a crescendo in Ayodhya, gifts and contributions are pouring in from various parts, ahead of the 'Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony.

The famous Panchi Petha of Agra, has sent 560 kilograms of petha, crafted in 56 unique flavours.

These delectable sweets symbolise the diverse expressions of love and faith dedicated to Lord Ram.

From the classic kesar and angoori petha to the now popular paan and laddu petha, each variety comes with a silent prayer for Ram Lalla’s homecoming. This unique present is not the only testament to the outpouring of devotion.

The temple trust has also received countless other gifts, each echoing the reverence for Ram Lalla.

Gleaming gem studded attire, ornately crafted silver plates, and sacred puja materials that include a 108 feet long incense stick, 2100 kg bell. 44 feet tall ‘Dharam Danda’ that will be installed atop the temple, ten-feet lock for the temple, and a special ‘diya that can hold 850 kg ghee, have already reached Ayodhya.

The inmates of Fatehpur jail have sent 1122 saffron tote bags, with an image of Ram temple printed on one side, to Ayodhya as their offering to Lord Ram.

Jail superintendent Mohd Akram Khan said that the inmates wanted to make an offering to Lords Ram on the occasion and have worked relentlessly to make the bags.


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