After Maheswar, who will head Puri BJD ?

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 18, 2023 IST

Bhubaneswar, Nov 18: After the demise of Puri District BJD President  Maheswar Mohanty, who had 40 years of political experience ? He was the speaker of the Odisha Assembly, Minister, MLA, and chairman of Puri Municipality,

Though Puri district is considered as the bastion of BJD, in the 2019 election, the  ruling party had lost Brahmagiri and Puri assembly seats to BJP. In the Lok Sabha  too, the BJD's voter turnout was low. Hence, BJD is now looking for a heavyweight to lead Puri and return to its former glory.

In this situation, the BJD high command is now searching for the right person to hand over the responsibility of party affairs in Puri district.

In terms of seniority and experience, Sanjay Dasbarma's name comes first in the race. In last few days, he was given the responsibility of the Bhadrak district as in-charge. After a few days of silence, Sanjay has returned to politics. Therefore, the possibility of his getting the responsibility of the district president is quite high. Names of other party leaders like Nimapada MLA Sameer Das, Kakatpur MLA Tusarakanti  Behera, and Pipili MLA Rudra Pratap Maharathi are also doing the rounds

 On the other hand, BJD has to distribute tickets with caution in the upcoming elections. It is believed that Maheswar Mohanty’s son Sunil Mohanty may get a ticket from Puri to garner the sympathy votes.



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